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WANTED: Your Juggling & Hooping Videos

Contribute a juggling/hooping video(s) of your best tricks, short routines, tips, demos, performances with Dubé Juggling Equipment, Troo Hoops or un-branded performance equipment and get a 20% discount on your next Dubé Juggling Equipment or Troo Hoops order(s) for every video we use online. Selected videos will be featured on the Dubé Juggling or Troo Hoops website and/or YouTube channels. Shoot a new video or send us a favorite. Videos with other brands of juggling equipment outside of our catalog may not be accepted, please consider using everyday object as an alternative. Examples: food, bowling balls, tennis balls, utensils, tools, etc.

• Extreme and outrageous tricks encouraged
• Juggling & Hooping in unusual places or with unusual objects
• Make an instructional video
• Make a video of your local club or team
• Looking for contact juggling, Contact Stage Balls, Turbo Bounce Balls, Body Rolling Balls, Phatboyz Clubs, Klassic American Clubs, scarf how-to get started juggling, laser devil sticks, trigon devil sticks, shaker cups, ball poi, kite poi, sock poi, lighted sock poi, meteor, whips, hat, and roping videos.

*Act now — this is a limited time offer. Brian Dubé Inc. reserves the right to discontinue or modify this offer at any time. Discounts will be given for each video selected. Multiple discounts cannot be combined — each discount is applicable to one order only.

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